Paying with Crypto


We prefer to be paid in BTC, ETH and USDT (TRC20). The most preferred crypto payment will be USDT (TRC20) due to the stability of the cryptocurrency.

Payment methods accepted to purchase cryptocurrency includes Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SWIFT and other payment methods conveniently in your country.

These are the websites below that you can use to purchase cryptocurrency to pay us with:


Payment can be made through one of the above websites.
*Note: You can choose any that you prefer. The checkout procedures are mostly similar.

The guide below is based on the preferred USDT (TRC-20) cryptocurrency payment method.

When you reach one of the cryptocurrency exchange sites, you will be given an option to choose your payment currency, and cryptocurrency type that you want to send with.

1. In the first field, choose the currency that you would like to pay with.

2. In the second field, select the cryptocurrency that you will be sending. (In this case, USDT TRC-20 which is preferred)
*The amount to send is calculated and sent to you via email. For example, if the amount is $350.40, you need to enter $350.40 in this field. The first field will automatically calculate the amount that you will need to pay in the currency that you have chosen.

3. Insert our USDT TRC-20 address that is given to you in the payment instructions sent to you via email.
*This can differ according to the cryptocurrency payment option that you have chosen. This guide is based on USDT TRC-20, which is preferred.

Thereafter, click on "Buy USDT TRC-20", and follow the instructions to verify the amount that you will be sending, until you are brought to the checkout page for payment. Various payment methods are accepted, and you can make payment using your preferred choice.

Once you have completed the payment transaction, please screenshot the transaction and provide us with the receipt so that we can tally and check on the incoming crypto payment, and process your order accordingly.

Thank you for reading our guide.


For any questions regarding crypto payments, you can email us at:



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